Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Believe Your Freaking Lying Eyes!

I find this mind boggling:

Moscow employed maskirovka at the beginning of the 2014 conflict in Ukraine, when media reported on the presence of “little green men” in Crimea who strongly resembled Russian soldiers although they wore uniforms without insignia identifying their origins. President Putin insisted they were “self-defense groups” or “volunteers.” By the time Moscow admitted to the presence of Russian troops in Crimea, this deception had created enough confusion to forestall significant international intervention in the conflict, and the ground reality was irreversibly tipped in Russia’s favor. [emphasis added]

This is from the DIA report on Russian military power. I am discouraged that our DIA puts this nonsense out there. Who exactly was fooled by that deception?

It was obvious from the beginning that Russia was invading Crimea. The international community didn't fail to react because there was a lack of information on who was invading Crimea. The international community didn't react because it didn't want to and pretending nobody knew who was invading Crimea was a convenient excuse.

God help us, but Ukraine is still carrying out CSI Donbas to convince those who don't know who is invading Ukraine.

Am I on crazy pills?

UPDATE: Related: Russia wants a buffer zone in the Black Sea.

Sure. Unmentioned is that a Crimea-centered build up in the Black Sea allows Russia to extend power to Syria which helps push the buffer zone into the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Also, just because Russia wants the buffer zone does not mean NATO must go along with Russia's wishes or accept their justification.