Monday, July 03, 2017

Emergency Lifesaver Course

My mail finally arrived after I suspended delivery while I was in Canada. I and the Post Office clearly have different understandings of the concept of when delivery of mail should resume.

Anyway, Army magazine published my article, "Course Could Be a Lifesaver for Recruiting," in the July 2017 issue. I received both their letter and copies of the issue plus my usual subscription copy at the same time.

It is about using a civilian version of the Army combat lifesaver course to both build a capacity in our cities to respond to casualty events, whether natural, criminal, or terrorist; and to provide avenues to recruit in regions that are not well represented in the Army by telling the Army story to potential recruits during the training.

It is out of my usual lane. But in late 2016 after reading about new efforts to reach out to recruits, I recalled my mini-basic training that the Guard provided me to get me used to Army life prior to going to actual basic.

And then I connected that to the increased training given to soldiers in the combat lifesaver course. Could the Army provide such training to civilians as an entry way into communities traditionally not providing recruits?

Anyway, thanks to Army magazine for putting me back in the lineup after a long absence.