Thursday, July 27, 2017

Is Zeleny Yar a Core Interest?

The Russians are researching an old civilization that existed in Siberia.

This is interesting:

The mummified remains of a baby and an adult have been discovered in a medieval necropolis in remote Siberia. The adult was covered in copper from head to toe, while small fragments of copper boiler were placed on the baby.

Archaeologists have yet to find out what exactly these funerary rituals meant. It is also unclear what mysterious ancient civilisation these two individuals belonged to.

The Russians had best hope the DNA tests on the mummies don't point to Chinese connections, lest the Chinese add the arctic region to their serious injury list that Russia inflicted on China when China was weak.

Not that I seriously think Zeleny Yar is on China's wish list. I kid.

But a lot of land is on the wish list and more can be added at any time China sees fit to do that.