Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Russia and China have identical positions on North Korea?

North Korea’s launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile earlier this week has sparked an alignment between Russia and China that could complicate U.S. efforts to curtail Pyongyang, former diplomats and Asia policy experts say.

In a coordinated response to the launch, Beijing and Moscow issued a joint statement on Tuesday calling for a mutual freeze on Pyongyang’s nuclear program and U.S.-South Korean military maneuvers in the region.

Yeah, and my shadow is aligned with my body after extensive negotiations to coordinate movements. Very mutual.

China has the same position as Russia because China told Russia what position to have on North Korea.

Or is it unclear that Russia is appeasing China out of weakness in the Far East, fearful that China could pry that region from Russia's weak grip?

Perhaps one day Russia will tire of "aligning" with China while pretending to stand tall against a non-existent NATO threat.

Perhaps one day China will tire of pretending to "align" with Russia.

UPDATE: Why is Russia aiming nuclear missiles at China?

Seriously? You have to ask?  Because Russia isn't happy with aligning with China so much that their nether regions are getting really tender.

UPDATE: Of course, with Russia's regional governments so tightly controlled by Moscow, the regional leadership becomes alien to the people of the regions.

Nuclear missiles will be less useful if a region decides being run by distant autocrats isn't any fun.

Sometimes in the course of human events, that happens.