Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The De-Nazified-Formerly Soviet Pact

The Europeans are working with Russia to make Europe more dependent on Russian natural gas and to hurt Ukraine's finances and make Ukraine more vulnerable to Russian energy blackmail without collateral damage to Europe. Naturally, Europe doesn't like America's efforts via sanctions on the Europeans building the Nordstream 2 pipeline to punish that collusion:

While many capitals in Europe are protesting the pipeline through the lens of checking Russian aggression and as a means of showing solidarity with Ukraine, the arguments ginned up by the pipeline’s supporters—Germany and Austria, for example, are accusing the U.S. of using these sanctions to aid its own LNG sales in the European market—underscore just how badly fractured Europe’s supposed consensus on energy policy has become. After all, many other European leaders have publicly clamored for U.S. LNG imports as a way to ease their dependence on Gazprom.

Germany is weak militarily. America is moving forces east to shield Europe--with Germany safely behind us--from Russian aggression.

And yet Germany is working to strengthen Russia and make Europe more vulnerable to Russian economic pressure. Oh, and the Germans throw Ukraine under the bus for a bonus.

Note that European states aren't all in line with this pro-Russian approach.

Now tell me whether a European Union that suppresses national sovereignty to create a European imperial autocracy superpower will follow the policies of powerful Germany (and France, also involved in pipeline construction) or smaller states worried about Russian aggression?

Like I've said, we have friends in Europe; but Europe as a political entity will not be America's friend.

This dispute should be a lesson about the dangers of the European Union proto-imperial project if it manages to erase that "proto" part.