Saturday, June 17, 2017

Are the Israelis Sure They Want to Run With This Criticism?

Some Israeli officers think that America's emphasis on defeating the ISIL caliphate is counter-productive?

Sure, if America thinks the defeat of ISIL is the end of the war against jihadis begun after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks by al Qaeda.

But why is focusing on the one group of jihadis with a proto-state counter-productive?

Is Israel really enjoying the jihadi proto-states of Hamas-run Gaza and Hezbollah-run southern Lebanon?

Is Israel really enjoying the mullah-run Shia jihadi state of Iran that has nuclear weapons within its reach?

Is scattering jihadis so they are more of an intelligence and police power really counter-productive?

Hell, if so, maybe Israel should reconsider their very existence as a state that gathers Jews into one territory. Maybe Israel would be stronger and harder to defeat if Jews were scattered in separate countries across the globe.

Yeah, the notion sounds stupid when you put it that way.

(Although if Iran gets nukes, the advice might be better. Might the Israeli settler movement reconsider their role in that environment?)

Crush ISIL. Jihadi sanctuaries are bad. And then continue the war.