Sunday, June 11, 2017

Weekend Data Dump

Every day I look forward to seeing who else Hillary Clinton blames for her failure to beat Trump in 2016 despite warnings from local allies to campaign in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

A look at what you can do with an air force junkyard.

Well, this would explain the parade of p**sy hats earlier this year. I don't think the researchers have a clue about the reason, given that women outliving their spouses is put forth as a possible explanation despite men easily outnumbering women as binge drinkers. Maybe there are so many more men drinkers because they don't outlive their spouses?

If global warming is such a dire threat, why don't liberals change their lifestyles to fight it? "But if climate change is really such a crisis, and if sacrifice on our part is needed to stop it, then why aren’t we seeing more sacrifice from people who think it’s a problem?" When I was in my 20s and believed that the USSR was a dire threat to the survival of the West, I didn't demand conscription to make everyone serve in uniform. I enlisted. I voluntarily gave up a chunk of my life to the Army. My life was literally in the Army's hands. Global warmers can't give up jet travel and large homes? Why don't global warmers have similar conviction instead of demanding everyone--even the working poor--be forced to pay the price for what global warmers believe?

"Run, hide, tell." Really? Yeah, not exactly a "fight them on the beaches" sentiment. "Find, kill, repeat" would be better. I've never thought much of the idea that we can win the war on terror with clever slogans and Internet memes that makes proto-jihadis think it is really a bad idea to die (and kill) for Allah. No, do what we did to Nazi Germany: Crush their armed might and drive them from their office buildings, and make sure the people in charge don't tolerate Islamist thought or action. Nazis are banned in Germany today. That would discourage jihadi recruitment.

I'm writing this early so it may be all over the media by now, but Trump's announcement on June 5th that he will privatize air traffic control will no doubt prompt Democrats and the media (yes, I largely repeat myself) to wonder how Trump will profit. But why does the media never speculate how expanded government spending will benefit Democratic presidents and their people who move out of the executive branch and into lucrative jobs "administering" those expenditures?

Yes, the Afghan army is tired from the long war. But just because we don't see media profiles, don't assume the Taliban enemy isn't weary of even heavier casualties in a so-far failed fight to defeat the government forces. The key to army morale is to provide the help (including the reduction of corruption that cripples leadership and deprives troops of resources) that gives Afghan troops the confidence that their sacrifice isn't for nothing--that we will help them win rather than just not lose for a little while longer.

German troops are in Turkey to help protect Turkey from ISIL yet Turkey still denies German officials the ability to visit those troops. I'm not sure why the Germans don't pull their troops out before their troops can't leave.

I honestly don't understand why this article insists that President Trump undermined NATO by failing to explicitly endorse NATO collective response to aggression against a member state. Are people so used to "phone and pen" agreements that lack legal staying power that they forget that America is committed to every article of the NATO treaty without the need for each president to affirm them? The president in his speech was trying to make sure Europeans do more to defend themselves--a worthy objective given Russia's rising threat level. America is reinforcing its military in Europe and pushing those forces east. Is that concrete commitment really negated by the lack of certain words? And once more, I find it hilarious that Democrats--of all people--are expressing concern about American resolve to fight the Russians.

Saudi Arabia is angry at Qatar. Yeah, Qatar has long been a problem child hedging their bets by being useful to Iran, the Gulf Arab world, and Islamists. America has a base there and Iran is a welcome partner. It's like France in a hot climate. And the Turks may move in, too. Interesting. Welcome to the Middle East where the frenemy of my frenemy is my frenemy.

Democrats have been gloating that no major legislation has passed the Republican Congress. So ... the Trump administration isn't ramming through legislation like a dictator? Any day now, I'm sure, the Trumptatorship will be revealed.

Come on California! Show us rubes how to do socialism right! I'm more than happy to have California take point on this. Couldn't happen to a nicer state.

How science goes off the track and causes a train wreck of human wreckage.

Grant me that this is funny.

Well, you can't have a Great Leap Forward on your campus to a glorious future without Red Green Guards.

Reality Winner? More like Fantasy Loser. I'm such a backer of equal rights that I think you are damned right this woman should have the book thrown at her for leaking secret information. She shouldn't be able to play the "I'm just a girl!" get out of jail card. Make her pay for the crime with no sympathy for her gender. That's what equality requires. What I am not is a "feminist" which in the modern West is nothing more than the women's auxiliary of the increasingly left-wing Democratic party.

While I remain extremely grateful that President Trump continues to not be Hillary Clinton and also think policies are broadly speaking being pointed in the right direction; I do wish Trump would stop being so Trump-like and exercise mouth restraint. I have a long history of not liking the man. He's not working overtime to overcome my long history. Not being whatever leftist the Democrats put up in 2020 will likely be enough for Trump to get my vote in that election. But I won't be enthusiastic. Although if this keeps up, I might be.

The Kurds of Iraq plan to have a referendum on independence in September. Is this the price of the Kurds cooperating to liberate Mosul for Iraq? Apparently not. I'd prefer to keep the Kurds in Iraq to have a sizable counter-weight to pro-Iran Shias and a counter-weight to potentially Islamist-leaning Sunni Arabs within Iraqi politics. I don't get to vote, of course.

If Prime Minister May paid the price in the British election because she failed to protect Britain from terrorism, that's not a bad message for the people to send their well-protected leaders.

American troops are providing artillery, air, and logistics support to the Syrian rebel forces assaulting Raqqa.