Saturday, June 24, 2017

Islamophobia Alert

I'm sure that the Western COEXIST brigades will get right on condemning this government outrage:

In the northwest Xinjiang province the [Chinese provincial] government announced more new laws intended to curb separatist attitudes among the Moslems who dominate this region. The new rules mandate that all Moslem children (those under age 16) have their names changed if local government officials determine that the name is “too Moslem.” That would include names like Islam, Quran, Mecca, Jihad, Imam, Saddam, Hajj, Medina or Arafat. Children receive their national ID cards at age 16 and must now have “non-threatening” name. The government is also collecting DNA samples from all non-Han residents of Xinjiang.

And recall that the Han Chinese "immigrated" to Xinjiang and are smothering the local people's culture through Han-imposed comformity and demographic changes.

UPDATE: To keep jihadis out, Libya has banned people from Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Bangladesh, and Syria; and threw in Palestinians, too.

More COEXIST bumper stickers, stat!