Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Air Force Secretary Aims High

The Secretary of the Air Force has ordered the Air Force to aim higher:

In many respects, the Air Force and the nation are at a critical crossroads. We realize, as do our potential adversaries, that space is interconnected to American life and to U.S. military success. The time is now to integrate, elevate, and normalize space in the Air Force and thus assure continued American dominance in this most critical domain. ...

Today, we begin the process of standing up a new organization at the Pentagon that will be responsible for recruiting, training and equipping airmen involved in the space mission. The establishment of the deputy chief of staff for space operations is the next step toward ensuring that we maintain space superiority.

They are on the launch pad, at least. But space requires more than three stars for a leader.

I've long been a proponent of the Air Force aiming high to become the United States Aerospace Force to dominate the Earth-Moon system (a Space Navy can wait for inter-planetary missions).

So this new process for going to space is good. As far as it goes.

But the move to space has the related effect of reinforcing the Air Force's institutional inability to see the mud where ground troops hug the Earth waiting for fire support from the Air Force.

I mean, seriously, WTF?

Perhaps the space focus explains why the A-10 is still in danger despite Air Force claims to have found Jesus on the close air support mission.

So while it is good that the Air Force is shifting to space, it should be accompanied by the recreation of the Army Army Force tied to the Army. Send the A-10s, other CAS aircraft, ISR, and SAR (along with the funding) to the Army Air Force. And have the Marines remind the Army how it is done, given they've had this all along.

The United States Air Force needs to become the United States Aerospace Force.