Saturday, June 03, 2017

Terror Attack in London

There seems little doubt that there was a terror attack in London based on running down pedestrians with a van and then stabbing people. There are reports of gunfire but perhaps that was security forces trying to hit attackers. And I'm assuming jihadis. But it is early. So facts may sort out by morning.

One sign it was a terror attack was the alert given to the British people by the government to "run, hide, tell." I assume that means run from the terrorists, hide when you are clear, and tell the authorities what you know.

I think the British government had better start a new order for their police, intelligence, and military forces: "find, kill, repeat" for the jihadi scum who do this.

And get on that new terror level system I've suggested.

UPDATE: Some fought back before the British armed response that shot the attackers after they exited their vehicle used to run down people and begin stabbing people.

I've heard 7 dead victims plus 3 attackers shot dead by armed police.

In related news, the British army may be slashed even further:

Officers are preparing to reduce the size of the army to as little as 65,000 after the Conservatives dropped a pledge to maintain the force at its target of 82,000, The Times understands.

Options being considered within the military include reducing the army by 17,000 personnel to less than two thirds of the size of the French army and only slightly bigger than Germany’s land force, according to two defence sources.

I'm not sure how the British will fight jihadis inside Britain let alone overseas with this size of a force.

An option as low as 55,000 is not on the table. But give it a few years. Then it will be the middle "prudent" option.

Churchill promised to fight the Nazis on the beaches and in the streets, if necessary. The British military prevented that from happening.

Jihadis have managed to reach what German military might could not.