Sunday, March 12, 2017

When You Assume, Sometimes You Get it Right

This article argues that Iran is seeking nukes via North Korea.

It offers no hard evidence, unfortunately. Just noting ties and making assumptions. Do read it all, of course. But it is speculation.

Not that I disagree. I too have long thought that the ties and logic make it likely that Iran has subcontracted nuclear weapons work to North Korea.

Indeed, taking the logic further, I wonder if North Korea will sell the entire nuclear deterrent force to Iran that will shield Iran until the mullahs can build their own at home.

The North Korea angle is the big lacuna in thinking that Trump could vigorously enforce the Iran deal and make the best of it. The deal just might not matter all that much--other than the time, cash, and conventional weapons that Iran has gotten because of that misbegotten monster of a deal.

But I do wish our intelligence assets would really look for cooperation. Perhaps they know. Perhaps just we don't know.

Have a super sparkly day.