Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Big Lacuna

Is the entire Iran nuclear deal a red herring as far as Iran is concerned?

If Iran is working closely with North Korea on nuclear-armed long-range ballistic missiles, the Iran deal is nothing more than an Iranian ploy to hold off American attacks on Iran's nuclear infrastructure until Iran has both nuclear weapons and the scientific and technological knowledge to fabricate their own.

I've long worried that Iran could have subcontracted work to North Korea to avoid our scrutiny.

Indeed, I've wondered if North Korea itself could sell a turnkey nuclear deterrent to Iran that is ready from day one of the sale.

As for my statement that the only purpose of the nuclear deal could be to constrain American action against Iran, given this Iranian action, can you say I'm wrong?

Which would also mean that the fantasy of deal proponents that the act of complying with restrictions on Iranian development of nuclear weapons will transform Iran into a responsible regional power by the time the deal provisions expire is not going to happen.

Do read all the first link. Just why is the Obama administration suddenly silent on even dismissing the possibility of collaboration between these two founding Axis of Evil members?

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