Sunday, May 03, 2015

Outsourcing Nukes

John Bolton worries that we don't think of North Korea enough when we try to contain Iran's nuclear drive. I think Bolton underestimates the threat.

Yes, I've been droning on for years about this hole in our non-proliferation efforts:

What if Pyongyang is already hosting an extensive Iranian-enrichment program, deeply buried somewhere in its half of the peninsula? What if some of the estimated 20 warheads are actually Iran’s property, having been manufactured and now stored far from Tehran to avoid detection?

Bolton notes both their missile cooperation and the North Korean reactor in Syria that Israel destroyed in September 2007 and which Iran probably paid for.

I think Bolton underestimates the potential problem:

I've long worried that a nuclear deal with Iran will fail to consider that Iran is likely outsourcing some parts of their nuclear program. But what if I'm thinking small?

What if North Korea sells Iran nuclear missiles and rents the facilities in North Korea to launch them?

From North Korea, these missiles could reach Europe, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, and a number of targets in America. So Iran doesn't need to have the missiles inside Iran, really.

Not that I'm disrespecting Bolton. His worry is real, and it only recently occurred to me that as an interim measure, having Iran's nukes based inside North Korea solve a lot of problems involved for Iran to gain possession of such missiles if you assume the missiles have to reach Iran.

Let me display the map from that post showing the radius of North Korea's newest (once fully developed) ballistic missile.

I went through some advantages Iran would have from having their initial arsenal of nuclear missiles in North Korea.

It's almost as if North Korea and Iran are in some sort of Axis of Evil, or something. But I'm sure I lack the nuance needed to comprehend how simplistic such a notion is.

UPDATE: Our Left sure likes their bad boys:

Not since Baryshnikov has a foreigner so captivated a New York audience. “A Conversation with H.E. DR. Mohammad Javad Zarif, Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran” played the other day at NYU. The show ran for just 90 minutes, but reviews were spectacular. Give this man a Tony: Zarif slayed ’em.

They'll wet their underpants in uncontrolled glee if Zarif gets nukes.

Imagine what will happen when they discover he hates all Americans and not just Republicans.