Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Grant Me That This is Funny

Sometimes it really does seem like the world is out to get Russia.

Life's a bitch:

Action on the Ukrainian front now includes Russian soldiers digging trenches to reduce the smuggling of weapons back into Russia, the Ukrainian Border Guards Service said.

Over 60 miles of trenches, four meters (13 feet) wide and two meters (six feet) deep, have been dug in Ukraine's Rostov region, adjacent to the restive Donetsk and Luhansk regions, to prevent arms and munitions from being carried into Russia. Over 60 smuggling attempts have been stopped, leading to the detention of 130 people and the confiscation of land mines, firearms, artillery shells and grenades, the Moscow newspaper Rossiskaya Gazeta said.

What? The people love Putin! Who in Russia would need firearms and explosives?

That's not how the whole subliminal war is supposed to work?

A top NATO commander warned on Wednesday that "continual attacks" against Ukraine were hampering Kiev's efforts to modernise its army enough to one day join the Western military bloc.

Yet now weapons are flowing back to Russia? Let's hope all the people who wanted out of Moscow's loving bear hug got out after 1991, eh?

It's always so tragic when bad things happen to good people.