Sunday, May 31, 2015

Policy Wonks With Anger Management Issues?

I find it hard to believe that there are analysts arguing that a windfall of $100 billion for Iran after lifting sanctions will have no effect on Iran's aggressive foreign policy because every penny has to be committed to an Iranian economic stimulus program.

Will the stupid not die?

Within months of financial sanctions being lifted, Iran will be able to collect debts from overseas banks that may exceed $100 billion, mostly from oil importers whose payments have been blocked, diplomats and analysts said.

But with the budget strained by last year's heavy fall in oil prices, and public expectations of improved socio-economic conditions in the event of a deal, the authorities will face pressure to invest new funds at home.

This is worse even than the farcical administration notion that Iranian support for mayhem won't increase "dramatically" with the lifting of sanctions.

This idea that Iran is committed to nation-building at home rather than abroad is still stupid. Iran's rulers are not domestic policy wonks with unfortunate anger management issues that can distract them.

Repeating the stupid doesn't make it less stupid.

I know that's how our left thinks, but let's not get carried away with mirror-imaging our foes.

And really, the Iranians under the mullahs are our foes.