Sunday, May 10, 2015

Why Do They Draw Us?

If drawing Mohammed cartoons is, as our Left is now saying, counter-productive to fighting the war on terror (Wait? They want to fight the war on terror?) because it will incite moderate Moslems to support jihadi violence, in what manner are these easily incitable people "moderate?"

Good grief, going along with the jihadi view of what is permissible speech about Islam in the West just gives credibility to the Islamsts' claims that they get to define what Islam is.

Why would moderate Moslems reject the Islamists if we don't resist them?

Mark Steyn displays the completely ordinary cartoon that won Geller's contest in Garland that purportedly explains the jihadi rage.

And when you compare the lack of rage by the most excitable non-Islamists (like Christians or Mormons who the Left love to mock), the urge (and some on the right--or just buffoons like Donald Trump (it's okay to insult him (and have nested parentheticals) isn't it?)--have fallen for this strategy, too, to be fair) to be silent in the face of jihadi rage is just amazing.

This is just another form of the "why do they hate us?" lament by our Left since 9/11 that always concludes that Islamist hatred is our fault.

I don't think the goodness lessons by our Left are working. I'll let cartoon characters speak the wisdom:

Good people don't chop other people's heads off rip other people's arms off.

Sadly our jihadi enemies keep getting reconstituted rather than rehabilitated by our efforts to avoid giving jihadis reasons to hate us.

We will win this war on terror when the lament in the Moslem world to Geller is a guilty cry of "why do they draw us?"

Stay quiet and we will not all be okay.

UPDATE: Related information from Strategypage on the struggle within Islam. Arab Moslems increasingly realize that they won't be okay if they stay quiet. Do read it all.

We want rehabilitation and not reconstitution, remember.