Tuesday, May 05, 2015

War Tourists

Iran appears to be sending in large numbers of "tourists" to Iraq who then oddly join Shia "militias" to fight ISIL (and promote Iranian influence inside Iraq--ah, our partner Iran!). This is no new idea.

Ah, our partners, the Iranians:

A growing number of Iraqi and Kurdish officials are accusing Iran of sending thousands (some claim 30,000) of their citizens (military age males) into Iraq as “tourists” who then join a Shia militia. Some of these militias are believed to have entire units (of a hundred or so men) composed of Iranians who don’t even speak Arabic. The Iraqi government is reluctant to officially investigate this because Iranian aid in the fight against ISIL has been substantial and quite useful.

Russia did this in the Donbas against Ukraine last year.

And I worry that China will do this to Taiwan in some future year, as I noted an earlier post on that option for Peking.

And to serve as Tehran's hand puppet, that living piece of breathing garbage, Moqtada al-Sadr, has "Peace Brigades" involved in combat.

Why that man is still alive is beyond me.