Sunday, May 31, 2015


I can hardly wait for diplomats to sit around with bottled waters to talk about Iran getting nuclear weapons!

We say we and our European allies want sanctions to "snap back" into place if Iran violates any nuclear deal that lifted sanctions in the first place. Iran does not want that. The Russians and Chinese don't like that.

But we've found a way around that impasse?

As part of the new agreement on sanctions snapback, suspected breaches by Iran would be taken up by a dispute-resolution panel, likely including the six powers and Iran, which would assess the allegations and come up with a non-binding opinion, the officials said.

A "dispute-resolution panel" that includes the major powers? That doesn't sound good.

Let's see:

If Iran was found to be in non-compliance with the terms of the deal, then U.N. sanctions would be restored. ...

It was unclear exactly how the snapback mechanism would function, and the officials did not discuss the precise details. It was also unclear how the proposal would protect the United States and other permanent Council members from a possible Chinese or Russian veto on sanctions restoration.

The sanctions snap back if the Iranians are found in non-compliance by ... who?

A panel that includes Russia, China, and Iran, too? Isn't this just a delegated veto power separate from a Security Council veto?

And what's with the non-binding part of that panel? How do sanctions snap back if the panel doesn't declare Iran in non-compliance with their non-binding opinion?

Are we allowed to reimpose global sanctions unilaterally regardless of the opinion? Or anyone?

This dispute-resolution panel sounds just swell: Wear suits. Drink bottled water. Talk about Iran getting nuclear weapons.

Say, speaking of health insurance, do all of the Obamacare health insurance policies cover radiation sickness? Surely our best and brightest wouldn't have put in free birth control but left this out, right?