Wednesday, March 08, 2017

What's the Difference Between the European Union and the Russian Empire?

In an article about the problem of Belarus under the shadow of Russia (which I addressed) is this gem that supports my poor opinion of the European Union:

At the same time, the Eurasian Economic Union, an international organization in the post-Soviet space, initiated and advanced by Russia, has been maturing. The main difference between the union and previous Russian projects is that the union is more structured. Additionally, it has clear plans and benchmarks for integration that are similar to those of the European Union. [emphasis added]

The Russians at least are clear for their end state of integration--autocracy under the Russian empire run from Moscow.

The European Union pretends that it isn't an anti-democratic proto-imperial project to be run from Brussels by a transnational Euro elite class.

UPDATE: Here comes the Praetorian Guard:

European Union states agreed on Monday to open a small command center to run military training missions abroad, a step France and Italy hope is a precursor to an EU defense headquarters.

A thousand-mile journey begins with the first boot step, though the EU denies what France and Italy hope for:

The EU is seeking to match its economic might with an ability to deter militant or Russian threats, as well as using peacekeepers to stabilize failing states on EU borders.

If the EU wanted Europe to have military might to match their economic might, European states would already have a stronger military within NATO, the organization set up to defend Europe.

Europe's elites in Brussels are starting on the path to a separate military structure--that weakens NATO in the hope of replacing it, thus ejecting America from Europe--in order to prop up the proto-imperial state of the European Union.

Britain may have gotten out in time--I assume nothing until the deed is done. Will other states take their opportunity to escape before it is too late?

With a military, Brussels will have an empire to prevent future exits from the ever closer union.

UPDATE: So the EU is causing an anti-democratic reaction in European states?

Sure. And I figure that works for the EU just fine. If Europeans lose democracy, will they care if they lost it to their local lords or to the imperial capital in Brussels?