Friday, March 17, 2017

The Trojan Horse is Wearing a Kilt

So Scotland may re-vote on independence to avoid Brexit? The Eurocrats in Brussels surely smile at the prospect of European states fragmenting to reduce the threat to ever close union that the Eurocrats need to build their imperial state.

The Queen let the last potential speed bump on initiating Brexit hit the rearview mirror:

The Queen has given Royal Assent to the Brexit bill, clearing the way for Theresa May to start talks to leave the European Union.

I see the Scots are falling for the siren song of EU identity (tip to the Instapundit Borg):

Scotland’s leader has said she will seek authority for a new independence referendum.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said Monday she will move quickly to give Scottish voters a chance to make Scotland an independent country.

Do the Scots really believe that they will be able to negotiate a better deal with the EU than the larger Great Britain did, which proved insufficient to hold all of them in the EU?

An independent Scotland won't be able to just carry on the British deal as a rump-successor to that deal. Oh no.

And do the rest of the EU states really want to go along with encouraging the Scots in a misguided effort to stick it to the British for leaving the EU when so many European states could feel the blowback of encouraging separatist tendencies?

That map is from Stratfor that I referenced in this post

European states that are pro-EU should discourage the Scots from believing that separatism is a glorious and fast track to the glories of EU membership before they become victims of the same weapon:

Are secession movements and political splintering a sign that Europe itself is the "sick man of Europe?" Or is this how the EU Empire is being created? ...

The Brussels elite in their imperial capital and throughout the provinces of the EU will be happy when everyone is just the Duchy of Grand Fenwick in size and power, capable of being just the administrative arm of the empire.

Even the pro-EU Germans, who encouragingly no longer desire living space but still need trading space might find that fragmentation weakens their ability to benefit from the European Union.

Yeah, sticking it to the British for daring to leave "ever closer union" will feel good for the pro-EU countries for a bit. But it will bite them in the end. The more the merrier?

More fully functioning and healthy states may be a brake on "more Europe," as that quip above argues. But the EU has bypassed that motivation, eh? Even more boutique mini-states will surely hang separately in the face of the super-state in Brussels if it continues to grow.

Really, Britain has done as much damage as they can from within. Time to get out. Is Scotland really eager to stay on that train wreck?

And of course, I think America should naturally want to oppose any single entity from controlling Europe. Eurocrats running an imperial European state will be as dangerous as a Kaiser, a Fuehrer, or a Soviet empire.