Wednesday, March 15, 2017

All Your Stuff are Belong to the CCP

The Chinese are punishing the South Koreans for accepting THAAD anti-missile defenses by denying cruise ship and airline links to South Korea. Everything in China is a potential asset for China's foreign policy goals as set by the Chinese Communist Party which suffers your existence on their whim.

The Chinese discovered that having an apparently crazed little friend with nukes isn't as fun as they thought.

Wait. What? The Chinese aren't masters of looking ahead with a long view based on their ancient civilization somehow translating into strategic farsighted thinking?

But I digress (as I can!).

The Chinese are upset that the South Koreans prefer not to be nuked:

Pressure in China on travel firms forced airlines and cruise operators to cut routes to South Korea, as the fallout spread on Friday from a diplomatic row over Seoul's plans to deploy a U.S. missile defense system against Beijing's objections. ...

An internal South Korean government document seen by Reuters said Chinese authorities gave a "7-point" verbal instruction to travel firms to curtail or ban trips to South Korea.

These included a ban on tour groups visiting South Korea from March 15, cruise ships not being allowed to dock in South Korea ports and a warning that those who violated the guidance would face "severe punishment".

Of course, when cruise ships can help gain control of territory, the Chinese are eager for the PLAN Boat to make another run.