Sunday, March 05, 2017

The Long Rant

One month into his presidency, and Trump is already fueling jihadi terrorism?

Oh good grief:

Through carefully selected language and—for the most part—considered policy, the United States has worked to expose the lies and convince young Muslims drawn by the propaganda toward hate that they are welcome and appreciated in America.

That era appears to be over. President Donald Trump, in office for less than two months, has gutted the strategy used by Republicans and Democrats alike—out of ignorance, hubris or both—sending a new message from the White House, one that reinforces the jihadi extremists’ propaganda and increases the likelihood that more Americans will die in attacks.

Wow. In barely over a month Trump has totally undone the tremendous progress President Obama made (and bonus for now lumping in Bush 43 in that grand continuity of effort--once he was the Devil himself) to weaken and discredit the jihad?

Wait. What? The situation got worse under Obama?

People, we just finished 8 years of President Barack Hussein Obama with a culturally sensitive outreach to the Islamic world supercharged by his middle name and time living in Indonesia to disarm the nutballs.

You think I'm kidding? This is exactly what Obama believed and his fanboys (and girls) believed that rot!

And what did we get from that? Iraq War 2.0, with jihadis overrunning large parts of Iraq; plus jihadis rampaging through Syria and Iraq; with the Taliban reviving after what was apparently a pointless Obama troop surge in Afghanistan; with a Boko Haram killing fest that would not in fact bring back our girls despite a perfectly lovely First Lady hashtag campaign; with blood in the streets of European cities and homegrown terrorists radicalized by distant jihadis rather than calmed down by living in President Obama's America killing people here in America.

And a temporary suspension of some refugees from countries that President Obama had identified as problems is what will cause jihadi RAGE? How stupid are you to believe that?

In reality, the question isn't what anger Islamists. The question is what doesn't anger the Easily Excitable? Seriously, it's our fault?

Good Lord, people. Why do we hate us so much to think we provoke murderous rage for carrying out a perfectly normal government function?

It is not normal to feel RAGE and act on it over a suspension of travel from certain nations until we can sort out a better method of screening those who want to come to America.

I'd feel better if proto-Islamists were more worried about RAGE from the Western street over being blown up, shot, and beheaded by jihadi scum.

Nearly 15 years ago, I started blogging because the stupidity in the media about the new war was just unrelenting and I thought that I had to respond with some level of sanity and clarity.

Surely after all this time at war, reporters would gain the subject matter expertise to comment on events with a level of knowledge currently possessed only by the fashion and entertainment divisions of the media. But no. They remain clueless.

I have apparently failed. And it is tiring. Not that I pretend that this is some influential blog that is vital to the war effort. I blog for me, as I've noted before. So we'll see.

And yes, I'll stop calling you Shirley.

Perhaps it is my clarity and sanity that is lacking. But it seems like in the 16th year after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on our shores, new cohorts of clueless reporters continue to be churned out by our "journalism" schools.

And the Long War against jihadi terrorism (which is part of the Islamic Civil War over how Islam is to be defined) continues, with added new conventional threats in Europe and Asia to make things more interesting.