Sunday, March 19, 2017

Reaching the Rally Point

Stopping our retreat will take some effort given that our foes have gotten use to pursuing us into the vacuum of our withdrawal.

In the first year of Obama's presidency, I noted that retreat can seem like peace until the enemy catches up:

Understand that when you retreat, it takes a while for an enemy to pursue you and fill the vacuum. And that time it takes for the enemy to re-engage will surely be much quieter.

And if you want to, you can argue that the period of quiet while the enemy approaches is actually "peace." It isn't peace, but you can pretend for a while that it is so you can focus on domestic issues.

The enemies finally caught up starting in 2012 at Benghazi, but too late to prevent President Obama from winning reelection on the claim that he's responsibly ended our wars--complete with mocking Romney for thinking the Russians were America's foe.

Sadly, our diplomacy will be hampered until our military has its readiness restored after we "responsibly ended" our defense spending.