Monday, October 24, 2016

Make That Six

All hail the Nobel Peace Prize-winning president who has responsibly ended our wars and through his outreach to the Islamic world, has built a foundation for peace where a past warmongering president (who probably just liked bombing brown people) just made things worse:

In an election flush with conspiracy theories, here's one that's real: Both major party nominees, as well as the journalists who cover the election and moderate the debates, are actively conspiring to avoid talking about the fact that the United States is waging war in at least five countries simultaneously: Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia.

The author asks, "Why won't anyone admit that America is fighting 5 wars?"


With US air strikes beginning in Syria, President Obama is fighting wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia (a half war), and now Syria.

Which puts him in the lead over that warmonger Bush who only managed the first three.

UPDATE: Really, who can be surprised at this record given that President Obama bombed the Moon early in his first term?

That was two years ago. Since then we added Libya back into the mix.

But considering the premise of the article, how could the author leave out Afghanistan?! Is that war which we have been waging since 2001--and which President Obama escalated dramatically in 2009 and 2010 to win the "real" war of "necessity"--forgotten already? When our people are still fighting and dying in that war?

Is the Afghanistan campaign really covered by the "at least" caveat that I assume is reserved for some quiet intervention that we might not know about?

So make it 6 wars at once, padding President Obama's lead by two in two years.

Oh, and the Obama presidency isn't over, giving potential foes to add to the record:

We do not know what other plans our opponents have to take advantage of Obama’s shortcomings as the clock slowly runs down on his time in the White House. Putin clearly hoped that his interference could muddy the waters of the American presidential race; the Russians believe that Trump is if anything less capable than Obama, and that a Trump presidency would give Russia four more years to work at dismantling American power and the European Union. As Putin now contemplates the likely frustration of those hopes, he is likely to think harder about how he can use the time remaining on Obama’s watch to further weaken the United States and erode its alliance system.

Personally, I think Putin will be just fine with a Clinton presidency--which I think has been the point of Russia's cyber-espionage and email leaks, rather than representing a ham-handed effort to elect Trump. But the real point is that enemies may think they have a limited amount of time to get in on the action and make some gains while America is fighting in so many locations.

Which makes it easy to understand how President Obama will become the first American president to lead a nation at war for two full terms, which means as far as he is concerned, he had endless war.

I never get tired of that picture. Leftists campaigned against endless war in 2008, and that is what they got. Unexpectedly.