Friday, October 14, 2016

Business Before Pleasure?

It's funny. In the West the refrain from our Left has long been that we should solve the Palestinian-Israel problem first before tackling any other Middle East issue. But for Iran, Israel is always the next problem to solve.

Iran is killing Arabs in Syria, but don't you worry! Iran can't wait to kill Jews in Israel when that ugly mess in Syria is sorted out to their liking!

Since August there has been more fighting on the Syrian side of the border as the Assad forces and their Iranian mercenaries fight to clear rebels from the Israeli border. Iran openly boasts (on Iranian media and to its Shia mercenaries in Syria and Lebanon) that Iran is winning in Syria and once the Syrian Sunni rebellion is crushed Israel will be the next target. [emphasis added]

It's kind of funny. During the 1980s, Iranians killed lots of Iraqis while claiming that they were simply trying to get to Israel by going through Iraq. At least a hundred thousand Iraqi troops died in that war. The death toll might be triple that.

After we defeated Saddam's regime, Iran supported Shia death squads in Iraq who fought parallel campaigns with Sunni Arab terrorists, killing over a hundred thousand Iraqis in that war through 2009.

And now in Syria, Iran is helping the brutal Assad dictatorship hang on to power, with the death toll at over 400,000 total by now. Perhaps it is "just" 300,000.

Iran would love to tangle with Israel, but other interests of more urgency distract them for the moment. But no worries! Israel is next up!

Unless something else important comes up, of course.

If we were interested in waging an information war against Iran, we'd hammer the point that Iran is willing to fight Israel to the last Arab.

UPDATE: And with Iran supporting armed Shias in Nigeria, Iran is branching out to fight to the last African, too.

The healing effects of hope and change will kick in with the thugs in Tehran any minute now, right?