Sunday, October 23, 2016

In Putin's Russia, We Reset You

What information about Hillary Clinton do the Russians have that they aren't leaking?

I haven't mentioned much about leaked Democratic emails that the Russians have no doubt stolen and released.

One, I really do try to avoid domestic politics. But it does draw my interest because the president is the commander in chief of our military, which is in my lane.

Two, it is distasteful to use that information even though it is damning of the Democrats and even though the Russians are doing what the press should be doing. I certainly don't believe that the Democrats were uniquely vulnerable to this kind of theft. If Russia doesn't have Republican emails, it is only because they don't see a need for it now.

And three, the leaks tell me nothing new. Of course Hillary Clinton is corrupt. If you don't understand that you don't want to understand that, and no revelations will make her corruption apparent or disqualify her for office in your mind.

I know Democrats are avoiding talking about the content of those damning emails by highlighting the source of the information and claiming that the Russians are trying to get Trump elected.

I doubt that motive is true. Trump is a wild card.

I figure the Russians would rather have the Devil they know (so to speak). Who is Clinton. She's a known quantity.  The Russians have decades of Clintonology to fall back on to predict her decisions.

And she is really known now because the Russians have so many of her emails.

Really, are you going to claim that the Russians took all those Democratic party emails but never managed to penetrate Hillary Clinton's off the books bathroom server to get her unsecured private emails, which she used instead of official email, that discussed State Department business?


And if the Russians are releasing all of this information now, can you imagine what information they are keeping under wraps to use against Clinton after she wins the election?

With a Clinton victory, the Russians will get a tainted American president weakened domestically by suspicions of her corruption revealed to be true, while retaining enough information to blackmail her into being more "flexible" than President Obama ever could manage voluntarily.

It will be quite the day when the Russians quietly inform the Clinton administration that they kept that "reset" button that Secretary of State Clinton gave to Lavrov in 2009; but that they rewired it to ensure her flexibility.

"Madam President, in Russia, we reset you. And yes, we will "overcharge," as you foolishly labeled that button. But you will pay the price we demand."

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