Sunday, October 02, 2016

Blowing His Own Horn

Sean Penn hates Trump (tip to Instapundit):

“Either you can decide to divorce yourself from loving your children and piss on a tree and show you have the power to piss on a tree, or you can go out and vote in a very big way for someone like Hillary Clinton, who then you can challenge and support, which is the only kind of way a president can have any success and you stick it out for four years, or we can just masturbate our way into hell.”

But keep in mind that Penn loved Venezuela's idiot socialist rulers Hugo and Maduro, and was Maduro's go-to guy in America to defend that basket case nation's glorious revolution:

Venezuela's president Nicolás Maduro insists that the stability of Venezuela "is the social and economic guarantee" for the entirety of South America. The Venezuelan leader also admitted that he asked actor Sean Penn to help spread his message in the United States. "Stability - and excuse me for saying this, in case someone in the world hears it and manipulates what I'm going to say - of South America, the Caribbean, even a good part of Central America depends on the stability of Venezuela."

About that "stability":
For the moment, Maduro has stymied and cowed his opponents. Maduro has the guns and he controls the food. Repression, however, doesn't prevent starvation. Civil wars typically explode with a spasm of violence. Instead, Venezuela is imploding into civil chaos. The next year will be dangerous and difficult.

Venezuela's commitment to socialist nonsense--which Penn championed--has certainly paved their way into Hell.

Obviously we know what Penn has been busy doing the last several years.