Sunday, October 09, 2016

Chelsea Should Have Gone Heavy into Cattle Futures

The breadth of corruption in the Clinton family is just astounding:

State Department attorneys admitted Wednesday that they had lost copies of a 2012 email between Jake Sullivan, a top former aide to Hillary Clinton, and an employee of the Clinton Foundation.

The email contained an attachment memo about Greek bonds — a significant detail given the heavy investments Clinton's son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, was making in the Greek economic recovery during that same period.

Chelsea Clinton, Mezvinsky's wife, is a board member at the Clinton Foundation. The fact that one of Clinton's closest aides shared insider information about the economic climate in Greece with the foundation — just one year after Mezvinsky and fellow Goldman Sachs alum founded a hedge fund that operated primarily by placing bets on international economic trends — raises questions about the many potential conflicts of interest that could have arisen from the Clintons' web of connections.

I mentioned the fund in this post as I noted that Chelsea is the low-rent avenue to family access.

Why Hillary didn't share her vast knowledge of cattle futures strategies with Chelsea instead of dodgy Greek bonds is beyond me.

Yeah, look down on me for possibly voting for that clown Trump this November. Are you really proud of voting for the thoroughly corrupt Clinton?

And as a side note, I really need to shift election commentary down. Mostly it is driven by my pet peeve of how biased to the left our media world is rather than a desire to blog about the election. And the Trump candidacy has driven the media mad in its open drive to elect Hillary. It should not drive me to madness, too.

I just have to scale back for a month. I should be able to at least partly restrain a fist of death that long, eh?