Monday, October 24, 2016

The Building Blocks of a Modularized Auxiliary Cruiser

A South African company has developed a drone optimized for use in Africa, the Viper 1000C. The drone isn't of interest to as much as the command system.

The Viper 1000C is controlled by crew in a truck trailer:

The manufacturer also offers a control trailer suited to operating the 1000C in remote areas. The 6x2.56x2 meter (19.5x8.3x6.5 feet) trailer contains radio and satellite communications gear, local weather monitoring equipment plus pilot and payload operator stations. There is also a generator, water and fuel tanks plus kitchen, bunks, a toilet and a shower.

Putting the control equipment in a trailer is what is of interest to me, given my interest in a modularized auxiliary cruiser using military components housed in standard shipping containers (20ft or 40ft long x 8ft wide x 8ft 6in high) mounted on leased container ships.

While I originally looked at the concept as a Navy asset, I eventually viewed the concept as an option for AFRICOM (United States Africa Command) to project land and air power around the continent of Africa's coastal regions. (And see here for the Military Review article.)

And then I noted that it would have use in South America by SOUTHCOM (United States Southern Command)--which could use it for both naval and land-focused missions.

A lot of stuff can be put in shipping containers. And a container ship has room for a lot of shipping containers, even if you don't stack them.

UPDATE: Holy cow, you can put just about anything in a shipping container! Tip to Instapundit.