Monday, October 31, 2016

How Screwed Up is This?

Arab refugees/migrants in Germany from some parts of the Arab world are disturbed to find that the mosques in the supposedly liberal and tolerant West are run by imams far more Islamist than the people are used to:

Over two months, a dozen Syrians in six places of worship in three cities told Reuters they were uncomfortable with very conservative messages in Arabic-speaking mosques. People have criticized the way the newcomers dress and practice their religion, they said. Some insisted the Koran be interpreted word-for-word.

Jihadis are wrecking their homelands whether with war or with intolerance and they arrive in Germany to find that the same radical jihadi-friendly Islam is shaping Moslems in the West to be more Islamist friendly.

It's funny, Western Europeans worry about their Moslems going overseas to get radicalized, but oveseas Moslems coming to Germany demonstrate that Germany is already doing the job.

The rest of Europe (and parts of America) are no doubt in the same boat.

Celebrate diversity.