Sunday, October 30, 2016

Wag the Jihad?

The Taliban are having their fighters film what they do for online propaganda value:

Increasingly, the Taliban — who, when they controlled the government, banned television and jailed people for photography — rely on their front-line fighters not only to gain territory and strike at the Afghan security forces, but also to record the moment and share it.

It appears that they are drawing inspiration from the Islamic State’s propaganda-first strategy. In the past, the Taliban released elaborate videos of suicide bombings long after the fact, their material falling far short of the Islamic State’s slick production values. Recently, though, they have been aiming for close-to-real-time updates and have greatly improved on quality.

Just remember that the Taliban are corrupt as well as brutal and media savvy.

How long before Taliban cameramen figure out that they can fake footage and make their superiors happy without the danger of exposing themselves to actual combat?