Monday, September 12, 2016

Iran: Fighting to the Last Arab

You'd think we could make more of Iran using Arabs to fight their wars in our information wars efforts.

This is an opportunity:

An Iraqi Shi’ite militia said on Wednesday it had dispatched more than 1,000 fighters to the frontline in neighboring Syria, escalating foreign involvement in the battle for Aleppo, the biggest prize in five years of relentless civil war.

Why don't we publicize the deaths of Arabs in the recent government advances around Aleppo?

Why don't we publicize the deaths of all the Arab Shias who die for Iran's wars in general?

Don't make it obvious, of course. Heck, set up web sites and posters celebrating the dead Shia Arabs or other non-Persians who are dying in Iran's militias in Syria. Boast of how these martyred lads have died for the glories of Persian Iran!

Iran should not get a pass on using Shia Arabs as their cannon fodder in Iran's war against Sunni Arabs.

We do have information wars efforts, right? And know who we should be using them against, right?