Thursday, September 15, 2016

All Your Humor are Belong to Us

I see the North Korean 5-year plan for humor production is getting a strong start:

The sketch shows the president with a bloodied head and a bandage wrapped around it with the secretary asking if he is alright.

To which the actor depicting Obama replies: 'I smacked my head on the bathroom floor and broke four tiles on it as I was so shocked from the North's hydrogen bomb detonation!

This prompts the secretary to say: 'So Mr President, you were testing the hardness of your skull while the North was testing its hydrogen bomb?', which draws uproars of laughter from the audience.

Egad. Let's hope their nuclear warhead design is of the same quality as their humor.

Maybe our comedians are right about there being nothing funny to make jokes about with President Obama, unlike every other president (especially Republican ones).

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