Thursday, September 01, 2016

Exploring the Depths of the Term "Asshat"

Sometimes people are just wastes of good oxygen better utilized by some of the lower mammals and campfires.

Keep in mind that the complaining woman who deserves to be mocked recorded this encounter in the firm--if drunken--belief that the Lyft driver would be hounded online for his so-called offense.

And further keep in mind that she fully expected the people she knows to be equally horrified by the Asian man with a hula girl statue mounted on the driver's dashboard.

Oh, the poor people on the "continent" of Hawaii.

What is really funny is that the Hawaii tourism bureau says the version of hula that most Americans know is "danced to western influenced music and features a more modern and fluid style."

Horror! Did Hawaiians just culturally appropriate alien traditions?

And kudos to the driver for his restraint.

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