Thursday, March 05, 2015

Diplomacy is the Art of Saying "Nice Doggie" Until You Find a Rock

I think I may have identified the problem with our diplomacy.

Is the man serious? Is the joke about the State Department needing an "American desk" accurate?

Simply demanding Iran's capitulation is no way to get a nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Wednesday as he wrapped up three days of talks with a veiled dig at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

I wasn't a droning senator for years--and don't own any spandex--but I think demanding Iran's capitulation is exactly how to get a nuclear deal that prevents Iran from going nuclear rather than one that gets Kerry a Nobel Peace Prize.

I think squeezing Iran until they believe that only having to give up their nuclear ambitions is a glorious win is exactly what we need to do.

But no, Kerry apparently believes that being the honest broker about whether Iran can kill millions of people in a nuclear Holocaust as they want or nobody as we want is the subject of give and take.

And Kerry is considered our least effective Secretary of State? Incroyable!

UPDATE: And we're so far from a policy of demanding capitulation that it isn't funny. Says the president's Deputy National Security Adviser:

“The purpose of the agreement is not to bet on the notion that Iran will moderate. The purpose of the agreement is to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon throughout the duration of the agreement.”

So the agreement is one where we capitulate to Iran in ten years? Or perhaps fifteen?

I'm sure the Iranians will rub Kerry's tummy and say "nice doggie" as much as they need to.