Sunday, March 22, 2015

Escape from Detroit

Southwest Detroit is getting as bad as Mexico for violence.

Yeah, I grew up there.

It wasn't that bad while I was growing up--a drug raid, high-speed police chase, knowing a couple kids who were murdered, a middle-of-the night gun fight, a Molotov Cocktail incident, Nazi-Communist tensions, and being stopped by police for no reason  (and once for reason--and one successful evasion--I admit), and some other encounters with the shadier side of life sounds bad in one sentence, but it was at least spread out over nearly two decades.

But it was clear which way the area was going as time passed. And it was bad enough to develop "situational awareness" skills that have stuck with me.

And you wonder why I stayed in Ann Arbor after I came here to go to school?

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