Tuesday, March 17, 2015

From the Damned If You Do and Damned If You Don't Files

Treating women badly is awful--unless you celebrate "bad boy" relationships.

And now treating women nicely is actually awful:

After observing 27 people playing Trivial Pursuit, the researchers determined that these kind of behaviors — previously known as “chivalry” — were actually signs of what’s called “benevolent sexism.”

In other words: Men who think that women deserve to be treated well often also think that women should be treated particularly well because they’re women. This, they explain, perpetuates gender inequality. Offering your jacket to a shivering women isn’t helping her — it’s hurting her by perpetuating the patriarchal idea that a woman is more likely to be cold than you are just because she’s a woman. Other warning signs of “benevolent sexism” include being friendly and chatty to women — which head researcher Jin Goh said is in some ways worse than being mean and/or straight up ignoring them[.]

Are you effing kidding me.

Government policies that treat women better because they are women are good; but a man doing that at the personal level for the same reason is bad.

Got it.

Although this makes sense given that so many women seem to cling to slimeballs.

Some women apparently deserve to die alone with as many cats as they can care for.

But I'll hold a door for them until then. Bastard that I am.