Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Dangerous Period, Indeed

We may yet face a big war as an enemy misjudges our willingness to resist.

As I wrote early in the Obama presidency, it is all too easy to mistake the quiet that comes from retreating as peace rather than just a lull in fighting until the enemy follows and catches up with you.

By 2014 it became all too obvious that our enemies have caught up.

Which makes the remaining two years of the Obama administration very dangerous. Our enemies are used to us retreating. But even a president who wants to retreat--and thinks we should retreat--has limits, as re-engaging in Iraq this year demonstrates.

But if enemies continue to pursue us as if they expect us to continue running, we will have war where we might not have had war if our enemies believed we could not be sent into flight so easily.

Remember, Hitler didn't expect his invasion of Poland to start World War II. He still thought he had a few years before beginning the war against the West on his terms when he was ready. How was he to know that the West that had given up so much to his blustering threats would suddenly discover their spine?

If we're really lucky, we'll still have allies willing to stand with us.

Have a nice day.