Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Man Cave

Well I'll be... Is hornswaggled the appropriate term? That Toronto tunnel was innocent:

Toronto’s mystery tunnel has turned out to be a place for a couple of guys to get away from it all, more a “man cave” than a terrorist threat.

After being stumped for more than a month by a 33-foot-long, hand-dug and carefully reinforced tunnel to nowhere, the Toronto Police said Monday that they had identified two men in their 20s who did the backbreaking work.

“These two guys dug a hole to hang out,” a getaway, Constable Victor Kwong said. He added, “Kids do it, but I’ve never seen anyone in their 20s do it.”
I would have bet good money otherwise.

But now we have another question to answer.

Assuming these guys aren't Hobbits, how bad are their home lives that "hanging out" in a narrow and damp literal man cave is considered a better option?

And wouldn't it have been better to make their cave wider and taller rather than 33 feet long?

Toronto's reputation in the rest of Canada has not been improved.