Saturday, March 21, 2015

Stand Your Ground, Japan

Japan needs to stop dicking around and plant their forces on key Senkaku islands.

China is improving their ability to grab islands in the East China Sea that Japan formally owns:

China has responded to Japanese efforts to defend the Senkaku Islands by building a helicopter base on a Chinese island 335 kilometers from the Senkakus, This is within range of transport helicopters that could bring in troops and weapons in under two hours. This is seen as a response to the Japanese decision in late 2014 to purchase 17 American MV-22 transports. This the Japanese did to defend the Senkaku Islands from possible surprise Chinese attack. The V-22s are faster than helicopters but Japanese territory is about a hundred kilometers farther away than Chinese land. So given sufficient warning the Chinese and Japanese occupation forces would arrive on the Senkakus at the same time.

I said that preparing for a race with China to the islands is foolish.