Friday, June 21, 2013

Would You Say There is a Plethora of Science?

I do get sick of the moral preening of people who use organic foods and insist my consumption of conventional foods is literally something that kills.

This was fun:

There is a plethora of science that supports the safety record of GM foods. As the Skeptico blog pointed out, there are more than 600 studies (>125 of which were independently funded) that stand behind the safety record of GM crops. Scientists have been studying GMOs and their potential effects for decades. With every major scientific body saying the exact same thing, I simply don’t know how else to spell it out: there is a scientific consensus that GM foods are safe. Continuing to act as if the science is mixed or unclear about the safety of genetic modification is not raising a legitimate concern. It’s not even uninformed; it’s denialist. It’s right up there with the claims of anti-vaxers and climate deniers: that is, simply, flat-out, 100%, dead wrong.

Hey, here's one study he links to about that consensus.

He gets added credibility for his lumping of global warming skepticism in with the other denial positions. That's fine. I'll take allies in different battles without requiring purity. As I've said on that issue, in general the climate is warming over a long enough study period. But it has warmed and cooled without our contribution. So whether our recent contribution of carbon output is important enough to cripple our economy to "fix" our carbon output at a rapid rate is my biggest question.

And if you don't want more nuclear power and natural gas fracking, I guess you have higher priorities than reducing carbon output, too.

If people want to spend way more money for organics and non-GM foods because it makes them feel better--more power to them. It's a free country. But I don't have whatever issues that some of them have that leads them to believe they are saving the world one free-range strawberry at a time; and I have better uses for my money. So leave me the eff alone, eh? I do deny your moral superiority and your scientific superiority.

Or are you telling me that you believe President Obama's Department of Agriculture is letting children die by refusing to ban anything that isn't organic?

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