Monday, June 24, 2013

God Does Work in Mysterious Ways

Does President Obama still have a victory mandate if the president pursues objectives nobody really cares about? Do not doubt, oh righteous ones. This is surely a test of your faith.

It's a mystery, all right:

THIS January, as President Obama began his second term, the Pew Research Center asked Americans to list their policy priorities for 2013. Huge majorities cited jobs and the economy; sizable majorities cited health care costs and entitlement reform; more modest majorities cited fighting poverty and reforming the tax code. Down at the bottom of the list, with less than 40 percent support in each case, were gun control, immigration and climate change. ...

The president decided to make gun control legislation a major second-term priority ... with firearm homicides at a 30-year low. Congress is pursuing a sharp increase in low-skilled immigration ... when the foreign-born share of the American population is already headed for historical highs. The administration is drawing up major new carbon regulations ... when actual existing global warming has been well below projections for 15 years and counting.

Please. Like President Obama needs voter approval at this point. He has decades ahead of Davos, the Acela Corridor, speeches to the 1%, seats on Wall Street boards of directors, and United Nations conferences. If he wants to be on the invitation lists in those circles, he needs boulevard cred, no?

And for those who dared hope for movement on jobs and the economy, or anything else not on the agenda, think of this as your Trial of Jobs.

Simply endure your hardships and believe in The One. Do that and the story will end with all of the faithful restored to health, with a new family, and twice as prosperous, in a Life of Julia that will be paradise on Earth.

Tip to Instapundit.

UPDATE: Oh ye of little faith:

“[W]e say as Americans that we are tired of seeing liberty sacrificed on the altar of security and having a handful of lawmakers decide what we should and should not know,” the ACLU writes in a statement circulated to grassroots supporters and addressed to Obama. “We are tired of living in a nation governed by fear instead of the principles of freedom and liberty that made this nation great.”

The fear is purified by hope and change. What's their problem?