Friday, June 21, 2013

Already Dead; Still Walking

Yeah, I spent my childhood in Detroit. It is not a place to learn confidence in government.

It's gotten smaller and worse since then. I have little hope for the city. It either needs radical surgery to break it up into smaller, more concentrated separate cities so that maybe someone will restore some growth and sanity (with the rest of the land going to the state); or it has to depopulate so much that it just collapses and reverts to Wayne County. Sorry, Wayne County.

But concentrating people in order to abandon large sections of the city would mix gang members together from different territories. So that's a fun prospect for that solution.

Maybe General Petraeus should become mayor of Detroit.

City Council should be banished from the city for all the good those clowns impede.

Over the years, I'd get my hopes up that someone could spark a recovery. Now I just hope the city reaches bottom faster so that the recovery from the nadir can start sooner.