Sunday, June 30, 2013

Aging Delayed!

The carnival arrived in town, and despite the threats of rain, Lamb managed a good 2-1/2 hours there. Mister is too old for this sort of thing, apparently. Lamb still loves it, and it was great to walk hand-in-hand with her from ride to ride. By the end, she'd had lemonade and just a little bit of motion sickness. So it was a success.

A few times, I did send Lamb on a ride without me. Including on the rocking boat that swings in a great arc, which kept trying to leave my stomach at the end of the arc before losing momentum and swinging the other way. Urf.

I almost dreaded the carnival. The last couple years were rough on my stomach. I thought advancing years were finally catching up with me. But this year, with an easy ferris wheel (single wheel), bumper cars, and the giant slide to space in between stomach churning rides, my stomach actually emerged better than Lamb's. Woo hoo! Aging delayed here, too.

My stomach even withstood the teenager puking near the spinning ride I was on with Lamb, after the young man got of a ride I'd just described to Lamb as one that empties your pockets and stomach (you go upside down on it).

I will never ride that one. A man has to know his limits.

But the carnival is fun for me again, too. I hope I last long enough to keep taking Lamb while she still eagerly anticipates the carnival coming to town.