Monday, June 22, 2009

Rediscovering the Axis of Evil

The Obama administration is perhaps starting to realize that President Bush's description of Iran and North Korea as members of the Axis of Evil isn't quite so laughable:

President Obama took office loudly promising to be the anti-George W. Bush of foreign policy, vowing to "extend a hand" to adversaries "willing to unclench" their fists. What he has received instead is an education in the reality of global rogues, and how he responds has become a major test of his Presidency.

The immediate challenges are North Korea and Iran, governments that the American left claimed were "evil" only because Mr. Bush had declared them so. Perhaps Mr. Obama believed this too, though five months later he has learned otherwise. North Korea has rejected his every overture and is now defying the U.N. to press its nuclear and proliferation ambitions. As for Iran, the mullahs are attempting to crush a popular uprising after a stolen election while also showing disdain for Mr. Obama's diplomatic entreaties.

Indeed. Some people really are evil and need to be fought tooth and nail. And those people aren't former members of the Bush administration.

Who knows? The Obama administration may even learn to appreciate that the Axis of Evil isn't at full strength with Saddam and his demon spawn running the show in Baghdad.