Monday, June 22, 2009

Failure to Foresee the Obvious Reaction

I really tire of all the assertions that China has deep long-range plans that will run rings around our short-term foreign policy.

Explain the depth of China's North Korea policy given this reaction:

A draft of Japan's new mid-term defense policy guidelines is calling for the reinforcement of military personnel and equipment in the face of growing regional tensions, Kyodo news agency said.

The draft, obtained by Kyodo, says Japan needs to reverse its policy of reducing its defense budgets in light of North Korea's missile launches and nuclear tests, as well as China's rise to a major military power, the news agency said.

To me, it looks like China can't see the results decades down the line of their policy that seeks to enjoy North Korea's threats to America and the lack of North Korean refugees tomorrow. I suppose we'll still have people arguing this line even after Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan all have nuclear missiles.

Isn't this exactly the reverse of how the Chinese leaders supposedly think long term?