Friday, June 26, 2009


I've written that I think the spearhead of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan will come from civilian ships hitting Taiwan's ports in a surprise assault with hidden army troops aboard:

One of the means I speculated on for doing this was for the Chinese to use merchant ships to carry troops and equipment in before Chinese military forces attakced overtly. By unloading troops from civilian ships in unguarded ports, the Chinese could hold them until their small amphibious forces could race reinforcements in, and then the roll on-roll off ships bring in the heavy equipment to exploit the bridgeheads and link up with airborne forces to seize Taipei[.]

Well, it will be a little easier for the Chinese to load those troops on civilian ships:

BEIJING is following up its trade initiative with Taiwan with a plan to convert part of naval facilities in the western Taiwan Strait to commercial use.

Now it will be easier for Chinese "civilian" merchant ships to load up with army units and equipment for that first assault.