Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting Tiresome

The protests in Georgia against Saakashvili are dragging on. And after two weeks in which Saakashvili has not lost his nerve and stepped down, it seems the protesters are in danger of annoying the public:

The opposition leaders have refused to sit around a table with President Saakashvili and negotiate. They hope to force his resignation by continuing the rallies and their campaign of "civil disobedience" which is now causing minor chaos on the streets.

But in some quarters it seems that public tolerance of the opposition leaders may be starting to wear thin. Were that sentiment to grow, it would surely be an undesired outcome of these demonstrations.

I'm not a particular defender of Saakashvili. He let the Russians sucker him into making the first shot visible to the world and gave Putin the pretext to partially stomp on Georgia.

But he is the elected president of Georgia. And if the protesters force him out outside of constitutional means, this would be a victory for Putin.

I don't care if Saakashvili loses the next election. I care if he leaves from Russian pressure.