Thursday, June 26, 2008

Under the Green Banner

I simply don't understand why so many people seem more worried about carbon footprints than car bomb footprints.

The idea of putting global warming "deniers" and now oil industry executives on trial for high crimes against humanity seems normal to some. Indeed, these climate defendants would be lucky to have the standards for fairness that the same people deem inadequate for suspected terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay.

Yet we can see this bizarre notion again with the attitude about importing Canadian oilsands-derived oil:

A resolution passed at their annual conference this week urged U.S. mayors to forbid use of oilsands-derived gasoline in municipal vehicles.

Considering that by 2020, Alberta's oilsands will pump four-million barrels of oil a day -- about a quarter of total current U.S. oil consumption, it could prove challenging and costly for these high-minded local politicians to find a separate spigot that will deliver only non-oilsands based fuel to their vehicle fleets.

They don't like the oilsands because production of a barrel of synthetic crude emits higher CO2 emissions than conventional oil.

Give me strength.

Canada will produce that oil. But instead of shipping it here they will simply ship it overseas if we won't buy it.

And then our money can perhaps go to Venezuelan, Nigerian, Saudi, Iranian, and Russian oil exporters to replace those Canadian imports? None of that revenue will find its way to terrorists, eh?

Friggin' idiots.