Sunday, June 29, 2008

Near Future Combat Systems

The FCS project is being reorganized to put systems into the hands of the infantry as soon as possible when once it was focused on high intensity armored warfare:

Soldiers in Infantry Brigade Combat Teams now get the first crack at Future Combat System technology, Army officials said during a news conference at the Pentagon June 26.

That capability, initially meant to be delivered first to Heavy Brigade Combat teams, will now be delivered to IBCTs by fiscal year 2011 -- three years earlier than previously planned.

The changes come after Army studies showed it was infantry units who were highest in demand in Afghanistan and Iraq, and infantry units with the most capability requests.

"As a result of capability gaps found in these IBCTs, the Army is accelerating the FCS complimentary programs to provide capability to infantry units first," said Lt. Gen. Michael A. Vane, director of the Army Capabilities Integration Center. "These capabilities will increase their capability and survivability in offence, defense and stability operations."

Included in the equipment meant to be fielded to Soldiers is the Tactical and Urban Unattended Ground Sensors, the Non Line of Sight-Launch System, the Class I Unmanned Airial Vehicle, the Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle and network kits for the Humvee platform.

Also closely associated with this initial 2011 spinout of FCS equipment will be the Ground Soldier Ensemble. Though the ensemble is not part of the FCS lineup, it does contribute to Soldier effectiveness, and it will be accelerated so it can coincide with the FCS spinout.

Winning the war we are in now takes priority over all else. Which is as it should be.